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Message par Maeva le Dim 16 Aoû - 16:01

In front of the town hall in Pamplona this year, 200 compassionate people stripped, "bloodied" themselves and lay down in the street with "banderillas" in their backs. Why? To protest against the annual Running of the Bulls and cruel bullfighting, a so-called "sport" that's responsible for the deaths of thousands of bulls each and every year.
Watch our new fun – but hard hitting – video of the demonstration, which contains disturbing video footage of bulls as they are slaughtered in the bullring, and send it to your friends and family so that more people understand the suffering that these majestic creatures endure for our "entertainment". Then please take action to help end this suffering today.
PETA Europe

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Message par gorille le Dim 16 Aoû - 16:11

Miaououu C'est atroce Cruel Tortionnaire Barbare
Mamychat ça lui à fait comme un gros coup de poignard dans le ventre

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